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Interview with Phil Brown

Phil Brown, Editor of British Journal of Sociology of Education

Phil Brown answers the questions



Q1: Why did you want to publish a Special Issue on Education & Social Mobility?

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Q2: What audience were you trying to reach with the content of the issue?

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Q3: What topics did you want your authors to address and how did you go about getting the papers in for the Special Issue?

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Q4: Has the definition of ‘social mobility’ changed over time?

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Q5: Can you tell us about the papers within the Special Issue in general and any papers that particularly stood out?

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Q6: What conclusions or observations can you draw form the Special Issue? Are there any commonalities or areas of overlap?

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We also provide a transcription of this interview to overcome accessibility problems if you have hearing difficulties (or for those of you who may just prefer to read the interview).

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